Jess Merlino

Paraplanner / Planner Support

“Enjoy life and live everyday as if it was your last, life is just too short”

3 words that describe yourself:
Honest, vibrant and brave. Oh and don’t forget very loud!

Prior to joining Diversified Financial Planners Jess had over 10 years’ experience working in the accounting and financial planning industries. Whilst working in accounting and as a tax advisor she assisted the financial planning department. It was from that moment she knew her passion lied with financial planning.

Jess supports Financial Planners to provide Diversified clients with advice that will change their lives forever. Providing them with comfort that they no longer need to worry about their finances.

Extremely organised, focused and caring are qualities that Jess possesses and this shines through in the work environment.

Jess enjoys spending time with her children, exercising, reading, movies, camping and listening to music.