Help achieve your investment goals with dynamic asset allocation

While making investment decisions objectively is critical to success, these decisions need to pass the test of time. There are four principles we believe should be taken into consideration by investors.

Bank hybrid securities

  You take all the risk Banks and insurers issue hybrids to raise money that can count as regulatory capital under the prudential standards that apply to banks and insurers.   All new hybrids issued by banks and insurers are designed to be loss absorbing, which means you, not the bank, are at risk of suffering a…

Are you comfortable with risk being passively managed?

At a time when they need it the most, many investors may not be aware they’re actually leaving the risk management of their portfolios to chance. Following a decade of rising share markets since the Global Financial Crisis – even further, the best part of the last 30 years has seen progressively lower interest rates, higher debt,…

How to spot a sustainable dividend

There are possibly few questions as important for retirees looking for an income stream than the question around whether a company can maintain and grow its dividend over time. Finding companies able to pay out high dividends is one thing – we have means to do this quite easily in a quantitative way, meaning we can rank…

Peer to peer lending

The share economy has reached the world of banking. We explain what peer to peer lending is, along with the benefits and risks. While still relatively small, peer to peer lending, otherwise known as P2P lending or marketplace loans, is a growing part of the global financial landscape. Still in its relative infancy in Australia, the local…

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