Reverse mortgages - A solution to the asset rich, cash poor trap

  If you're a home owner who falls into the "asset rich, cash poor" category, a reverse mortgage could hold appeal in retirement.   Over the next 40 years an estimated seven million Australians are expected to start living off their super savings, but many simply won’t have enough to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. The benefit of…

Got post-holiday debt lag?

  Get out of debt and back in control of your finances with our simple money tips. Have a plan to pay down your travel debtIf your debt is on a credit card, work out how much extra you can put towards your card and crunch the numbers using our credit card calculator. You will be surprised…

What you need to know about buy now, pay later services

  Take your product home, pay for it within the specified timeframe, get charged 0% interest. What could go wrong? Branded the modern-day layby, ‘buy now, pay later’ services essentially offer the same thing, except you get the product up front—the outfit, the watch, even certain domestic flights within Australia. If you haven’t heard of buy now, pay…

Are Australian households more vulnerable than we think?

  A lot has been said and written about Australia’s household debt levels and possible implications on the banking system and the economy more broadly. But could Australian households be even more constrained than the headline numbers are suggesting?  

What are the benefits of a split home loan?

  If you can't decide between a fixed or variable rate, a split rate home loan could provide the best of both worlds. If you’re about to take out a home loan and are looking for some protection against interest rate rises, a fixed rate home loan may sound like the loan for you. On the other…

Downsizing should be a choice, not a wealth strategy

Downsizing to a coastal town or regional hub can hold lifestyle appeal, but don't bank on it as a strategy to fund your retirement.

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