Watch out for tax scams

The end of the financial year will likely bring the usual wave of scams. Here's what to look for.

5 tips to save money at university

  Back at uni? Do away with the poor student clichés with these money making and money saving tips. Students aren’t exactly known for rolling in cash, but by following these simple tips to save money at university you can make the most of what you’ve got.

What is the cost of raising a child?

  We take a look at the costs that come with raising kids through the different stages of their life. Laughter, joy and fun are some of the words associated with having kids, but there’s another word that often gets overlooked – expensive.

What to expect when meeting a financial adviser

  A financial adviser can help you work out how to manage your money to help build your wealth and reach your goals.    Money may not buy happiness, but a sense of control over your finances, and working towards reaching your goals, just might.

Personal debt - maybe the mortgage isn't so bad

  Household debt in Australia is high but more of us are taking a sensible approach to debt management. Nationally, our household debt ratio is nudging 200%. On paper it means we owe twice as much in debt as we bring home in our pay packets each year. It sounds like an alarming figure but as 74%…

Why it pays to contribute to your partner's super

  If your other half is a stay-at-home parent, working part-time or out of work, adding to their super could benefit you both financially. If your spouse (husband, wife, de facto or same-sex partner) is a low-income earner or not working at the moment, chances are they’re accumulating little or no super at all to fund their…

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