How much super should I have at my age?

We look at the average super balances for different age groups in Australia so you can see how your super savings compare.

Faster than the wind - how mandatory super contributions help Australians get ahead

There's a lot of debate in the superannuation industry about what constitutes an 'adequate' contribution rate.

What do Aussies do with their super?

Find out where and what retirees are investing in and spending their superannuation money on. A significant number of Aussies are now entering retirement with substantial superannuation balances, after compulsory super contributions for most employees were introduced a quarter of a century ago1.

The power of extra salary-sacrificed contributions

As the first quarter of 2017-18 draws to a close, it's worth checking whether you are making the most of your ability to make regular salary-sacrificed super contributions.

Super is super for young people

Super is super for young people ASFA CEO Dr Martin Fahy and young Australians discuss super – why it’s the best bet for saving for retirement.  Video Link - super is super for the young Research by ASFA has found that young Australians aged under 30 years tend to have more money in their superannuation accounts than…
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