How an ageing superhero echoes our experiences

Almost 58 years ago, Action Comics published a look into the future of the then 22-year-old Superman as a senior citizen. Hopefully, Superman had the foresight to make the most of the Daily Planet's retirement plan or super fund. And his decision to keep working provides an interest, and perhaps a little income, to subsidise his retirement lifestyle.

Guard your super

  Critical challenges for super fund members in the accumulation phase are to keep their savings intact and to keep adding to those savings when possible with voluntary contributions.

Introducing Sonia Baillie

Sonia Baillie, Head of Credit, Global Fixed Income and Portfolio Manager of the AMP Capital Corporate Bond Fund, shares how investing in fixed income can benefit investors.

The growth of savings outside of super

Are you among the investors holding a growing proportion of your investments outside super?

EOFY super returns: How have markets faired?

The last financial year has been a strong period for super fund portfolios. Equity markets posted solid gains in Australia and offshore, up 13.7% and 15.4% respectively. Returns were also positive across other asset classes.

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