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Thursday, 27 July 2017 13:49

An SMSF blueprint for non-SMSF investors

An SMSF blueprint for non-SMSF investors

As the one million-plus members of Australia's 600,000-plus self-managed super funds know, SMSFs must prepare and regularly update an investment strategy. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017 12:14

Five great charts on investing

Five great charts on investing

Investing is often seen as complicated. And this has been made worse over the years by the increasing complexity in terms of investment products and choices, regulations and rules around investing, the role of the information revolution and social media in amplifying the noise around investment markets and the expanding ways available to access various investments.

A vital SMSF question: A corporate trustee or individual trustees?

A self-managed super statistic that doesn't seem to change much over the years is the strong preference of new SMSFs for individual trustees rather than a corporate trustee. 

Friday, 21 July 2017 13:56

Why grey mortgage debt is rising

Why grey mortage debt is rising

A mix of low interest rates, high housing prices and waves of baby boomers nearing or already in retirement is increasing Australia's levels of grey mortgage debt.

Greater longevity would also have made some of us more comfortable about carrying debt into older ages than in the past.

4 simple steps to picking the right diversified fund

Choosing the wrong diversified fund is not only risky - but it could mean failing to reach important financial goals. Here are 4 simple steps to effectively evaluate diversified funds.

Many diversified funds appear similar on the surface, but when you lift the hood, they’re poles apart. Evaluating diversified fund performance can be like comparing the proverbial ‘apples’ with ‘oranges’.

But in this complex and volatile investment environment, choosing the right diversified fund has never been more important for investors and advisors. The wrong fund will not only be too risky, but its performance could mean failing to reach important financial goals.

Don't be driven by short-term sentiment and emotion

Arguably, the most common fear holding an investor back from achieving a great return is a misunderstanding of what happens when markets fall (as they invariably do). 

2016-17 saw strong returns for diversified investors - here are five reasons why returns are likely to be solid in 2017-18

The past financial year turned out far better for investors than had been feared a year ago. This was despite a lengthy list of things to worry about: starting with the Brexit vote and a messy election outcome in Australia both just before the financial year started; concerns about global growth, profits and deflation a year ago; Donald Trump being elected President in the US with some predicting a debilitating global trade war as a result; various elections across Europe feared to see populists gain power; the US Federal Reserve resuming interest rate hikes; North Korea stepping up its missile tests; China moving to put the brakes on its economy amidst ever present concern about its debt levels; and messy growth in Australia along with perennial fears of a property crash and banking crisis.

The risks of trying to pick future winning stocks

It's tough for both professional and personal stock pickers to consistently beat or at least match the market.

Why man and machine is the future of finance

Dr Bernard Meyerson, IBM's chief innovation officer, was in the room in 2011 when his company's powerful artificial intelligence (AI) computer, Watson, famously won Jeopardy, defeating the game show’s two most successful contestants. “There was an incredible euphoria,” Meyerson said in a presentation at AMP’s recent Amplify program. “Watching the system do that was mind blowing.”

Compare principal & interest and interest-only home loans

Are you looking for a home loan to buy your first home, update your current one or as an investment in retirement? Are you confused by all the jargon and what type of home loan is right for you?

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