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Friday, 22 September 2017 12:10

Salary sacrificing super

If you make voluntary super contributions through a salary sacrifice agreement you should be aware of how your contributions will affect your super balance. You can agree with your employer for your voluntary contribution to be in addition to your employer’s compulsory super contribution.

The US Federal Reserve provided few surprises following its September meeting. While it left interest rates on hold, it confirmed that it will begin what it calls “balance sheet normalisation” next month and continued to signal its expectation that it will raise interest rates again in December and in the years ahead. While projected interest rates increases were lowered slightly for 2019, the Fed was more confident in another rate hike this year than markets had expected. So while US shares were little changed overnight, bond yields and the US dollar rose slightly.

For some time now, the investment world has been characterised by a search for decent yield paying investments. This “search for yield” actually started last decade but was interrupted by the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the Eurozone debt crisis before resuming again in earnest.

When investment assets are in strong demand from investors, their price goes up relative to the cash flow (eg dividends, interest or rent) they provide pushing their yield down. This is evident in recent times in response to the “search for yield” with yields falling across the board as the next chart shows.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 15:23

Options: Why diversification may not be enough

If you look around the world we face unprecedented risks. The Trump Presidency, North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, rising interest rates, and fully valued markets are all spot fires that could engulf portfolios.

These risks can seriously dent investor’s and client’s life savings, and damage their ability to reach important financial goals. The stakes are high.

Sept2017 Mkt Watch Diverse Port


Mining and mining services companies are entering a new paradigm; propelled by advancing technology and artificial intelligence, the segment’s “path to payback” for some of its main capital expenditures is being cut in half in some cases, according to Dermot Ryan, AMP Capital’s Multi Asset Group, direct equities, portfolio manager. 

Thursday, 14 September 2017 13:39

Live the Dream 2017 Research Report

New research links living your dream life with financial planning.

Mum and Son Swimming 

Note: Changes to the Age Pension assets test are now law, and took effect from 1 January 2017. The successful passage through parliament was due to the Greens supporting the changes announced by the Coalition government in the 2015 federal budget. Although the ALP opposed the changes when the laws went through parliament, the ALP has stated it will not reverse these changes, due to budgetary constraints. Since 1 January 2017 however, the ALP has publicly stated it may review the Age Pension changes. Continue reading to discover the new thresholds, and to find out how the stricter Age Pension assets test will affect you..

Pension changes


We interviewed Dr Shane Oliver, AMP Capital’s Head of Investment Strategy and Economics and Chief Economist, to see what lies ahead for spring of 2017.

NWW spring property market shane oliver.amp 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 14:00

Another five great charts on investing


As Warren Buffett once said: “There seems to be a perverse human characteristic that makes easy things difficult.” This has particularly been the case with investing where complexity has multiplied with new products, new ways to access various investments, tax changes and new regulations, all with social media adding to the noise. But it’s really quite simple and this can be demonstrated in charts. This note continues our series that began with “Five great charts on investing”, which can be found here and looks at another five great charts – well, one is actually a table – on investing.

If you can make your money go the distance, pay day can be a wonderful thing. However, if it means that 48 hours from now you’re likely to be scrounging for shrapnel wondering how you’re going to pay bills and eat for the next fortnight – you might want to rethink how you’re managing your cash.

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