Masrur Abedin


“Nothing. What’s a motto with you? (haha, sorry that was my inner Pumbah speaking from the Lion King)”

3 words that describe yourself:
Passionate, caring & strong

Rachael has worked in the financial planning industry for over 10 years and developed an extensive knowledge of financial planning processes during this time with experience in constructing complex financial plans along with portfolio rebalancing, asset allocation, and the transfer of UK pensions.

Rachael enjoys assisting her clients throughout the entire process to ensure a seamless experience and the best outcome for their needs. She is extremely passionate about the protection of individuals and their families through the use of all risk insurance types and strategies.

Providing invaluable support to clients and Financial Planners Rachael works closely with both ensuring an all encompassing client service experience.

Crossfit, learning about diet & healthy eating and unleashing her creative side are some of Rachael’s interests outside of work.