Good things come to those who wait

Do you know which popular vehicle name reads the same forwards and backwards? Find the answer at the end of this article

Myth busting: the cost of setting up renewable energy in a home

Renewable energy is increasingly being understood as a necessity, not a choice, to future-proof energy sources for homes and businesses.

Property investment seminars – steer clear

Property investment seminars – steer clear As humans we seem to instinctively want to find an easy way to make money quickly. Perhaps this explains why property spruikers continue to drum up business.

1 in 2 families at risk of unexpected bills.

It always makes sense to have a pool of rainy day savings because it’s a sure thing that at some stage the washing machine will break down or the car will need new tyres to pass rego. However new research shows around half the nation’s households would struggle with an unexpected bill.

Thought about investing in commercial property?

Thought about investing in commercial property? “Investors in Australia are moving towards higher yielding investments such as commercial real estate because of historically low interest rates”, says Michael Kingcott, AMP Capital’s head of property investment strategy and research.
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