How to construct an effective portfolio

Portfolio construction is always a popular topic among investors, but as markets become more volatile, the practice of carefully piecing together a jigsaw of investments that weathers both good times and bad is particularly relevant.

Why super and growth assets like shares have to be seen as long-term investments

This is an update of a note I wrote last November, but after the recent plunge in shares and the associated 10% or so loss in balanced growth superannuation funds through the March quarter, it’s particularly relevant now.

8 Steps to prepare for the Financial Impacts of the Coronavirus

We are now all taking physical health precautions to protect us from the spread of the coronavirus. However there are also steps you can take to protect your financial health. 

The global events bonds investors should monitor in 2020

There are several global events and themes on our radar for the remainder of 2019 and moving into 2020. Those who recognise the utility of bonds in a broader investment portfolio should take note of these broader conditions.

Comparing passive and active approaches to portfolio management

One of the most fundamental aspects of investing is the decision between active and passive approaches to portfolio management. Each has their own objective and is suited to a certain circumstances, in particular the prevailing monetary conditions.
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