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Tuesday, 29 November 2016 09:26

What is trauma insurance?

What is trauma insurance?

With one in two Australian men and one in three Australian women expected to be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 851, many families are learning first-hand how an illness can interrupt their lives.

But should the worst occur, the home loan and school fees will still have to be paid – on top of medical expenses – while you work towards getting better. Trauma insurance can help you achieve this.

The 9 (bad) habits of highly ineffective investors - the common mistakes investors make

In the upside-down world logic that applies to much of investing, there are a bunch of mistakes investors often make which makes it harder for them to reach their financial goals. This note looks at the nine most common mistakes investors make. Mistake #1 Crowd support indicates safety “Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow...

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 09:07

Seven tips for securing a business loan

Seven tips for securing a business loan

Securing a business loan in Australia isn’t necessarily difficult but knowing how to navigate your way can be the difference between success and failure.

Banks and other financial institutions offer a wide range of business finance options, from commercial property loans, commercial vehicle leases, and commercial and equipment leases, to simpler options such as letters of credit, overdrafts and lines of credit. Here are some tips on how to improve your chances of success.

Monday, 21 November 2016 15:18

What is an enduring guardian?

What is an enduring guardian?

You can choose who can make decisions on your behalf regarding your medical and dental treatment and decide where you live if you are not capable of doing this for yourself. These are known as “functions”. The easiest way to do this is to appoint an enduring guardian.

The end of the super cycle bull market in bonds?

From record lows just after the Brexit vote – government bond yields have spiked higher. Ten year bond yields have risen from 1.36% in the US to 2.2%, from -0.19% in Germany to 0.31% and from 1.81% in Australia to 2.64% in four months. This in turn has led to sharp falls in high yield share market sectors like real estate investment trusts and utilities that had benefited from the fall in bond yields as investors sought higher yields.

Donald Trump elected President of the US. Implications for investors and Australia.

After a seemingly long and difficult campaign Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States with the Republican Party retaining control of the House, and the Senate, in Congress. Just as we saw with the Brexit vote, the combination of rising inequality, stagnant middle incomes and the disenchantment of white non-college educated males has seen a backlash against the establishment and helped deliver victory for Trump. This note looks at the implications.

Friday, 04 November 2016 13:24

Think you now life insurance? Think again

Think you know life insurance? Think again

Whatever your goals are in life, everyone wants to ensure their loved ones are looked after should the worst happen.

The US election and investment markets, including implications for Australia

Perhaps the best that can be said of the US election is that it will soon be over. While polls had been moving in favour of a Clinton victory, the FBI's announcement that it is examining new emails in relation to her use of a private email server while Secretary of State has taken it back to being a close race. The attached note provides a brief summary of the key issues.

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