How high debt disrupts investment success

Cooling house prices – particularly in Sydney and Melbourne – may prompt astute existing and would-be homeowners to take a closer look at their household debt and its long-term impact on their personal finances.

Is your home underinsured?

Cold weather and faulty appliances can be a dangerous combination in winter - especially if your home is underinsured.

Navigating low wages growth

Navigating low wages growth  If your pay packet doesn’t seem to stretch as far these days, you’re probably not imagining things. Wages are growing by a record low of just 1.9% annually, and with inflation also running at 1.9%, the purchasing power of your pay cheque may not have increased at all. At times like these, it’s…

Take good care of your credit record

Take good care of your credit record  A shaky history of paying bills on time or skipping a few debt repayments may seem like minor issues, but money habits from the past can come back to haunt us.

Debt outstrips income growth

Debt outstrips income growth Household debt has grown by 5.3% above the rate of inflation, leaving our income growth rate of 1.3% trailing in its wake.

Paying to get out of debt – be careful before handing over money

Paying to get out of debt – be careful before handing over money According to a study by AMP/NATSEM, average household debt has soared from about $60,000 in the late 1980s to around $250,000 today.
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