Diversified Financial Planners based in FRANKSTON provides investment advice.

If you want to start making your money work for you, then creating a clear investment strategy is vital. Successful investment requires setting realistic investment goals, setting a clear strategy and planning each step.


  • short term goals – goals you would like to achieve over six months to two years, such as saving for a boat, home extension, new car or travel
  • medium term goals – those goals you would like to achieve of the next two years to five years, which may include starting or expanding a business
  • long term goals – goals that you aim to achieve that are more than five years away, such as saving for your children’s education and retirement.

Investment strategies vary greatly and each individual and family has their own unique goals, limitations and resources.

  • know where you are going – having a firm direction provides a starting point and a way to measure each step
  • motivation – stay motivated and disciplined to keep working towards your goals
  • accountability – stay on track and help you be mindful of your progress
  • accomplishment – a sense of achievement when you reach your goal
  • risk – what is your level of risk tolerance? are you comfortable with taking risks? do you have big investment goals? are you a conservative investor? would you prefer safer investment options?
  • investment type – there are many investment types, with varying degrees of risk and levels of expected return, from term deposits, to bonds, property, shares, managed funds and more.
  • super – investing through your super fund may be an option.
  • access to money.
  • how much you can invest – over the short term and the longer term.
  • stage of life.
  • tax considerations – what are the tax implications on the investment earnings?

The team at Diversified Financial Planners take the time to discuss each investor’s personal circumstances and identifying short and longer term goals in order to tailor an investment strategy to achieve the best financial outcomes. Diversified Financial Planners provides investment advice in FRANKSTON. Contact us on 03 9770 6499.

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