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Thursday, 30 November 2017 12:57

If only I had a second chance

No matter our age, most of us would probably look back on some aspects of our lives and say to ourselves: "If only I could do that again; if only I had a second chance".

At the start of last year, with global and Australian shares down around 20% from their April/May 2015 highs, the big worry was that the global economy was going back into recession and that there will be another Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Now, with share markets having had a strong run higher, it seems to have been replaced by worries that a crash is around the corner and this will give us the global recession and new GFC that we missed last year!

s Smart Investing recently discussed, the combination of historically-low yields, expected muted investment returns and growing life expectancies are making it particularly challenging for retirees to calculate how much to draw down from their retirement savings.

Thursday, 30 November 2017 11:06

Ferry good! 6 easy-to-reach Australian islands

Australia’s coastline is dotted with spectacular islands that make for boundless exploration, providing the feeling of being a world away from everyday life.*

And as you’ll soon discover, an island escape doesn’t have to be a drawn-out exercise.

We’ve compiled a list of gem-laden islands that can be reached with relative ease from the Australian mainland – via ferry and even by road.

It’s time to see paradise by the starboard light…

*Unless you already live on an island.

We probably all remember during those long difficult car trips as children repeatedly saying such irritating things to our parents as: "When do we get there?". Perhaps adding to reinforce the point, "I knew we would never get there"

I don’t normally comment directly on articles by others but an article by Matt Barrie with Craig Tindale called “Australia’s economy is built on shaky foundations, and it’s about to collapse,” has been sent to me several times for comment so I thought I would make an exception this time.

The gist of the article seems to be that growth in the Australian economy has been built on “a property bubble inflating on top of a mining bubble, built on top of a commodities bubble, driven by a Chinese bubble” and that “Australia has relied on China for too long – our whole economy is built on China buying our stuff. And it’s about to collapse.”

This note takes a look at this risk.

The surge in bitcoin has attracted much interest. Over the last five years, it has soared from $US12 to over $US8000; this year it’s up 760%. Its enthusiasts see it as the currency of the future and increasingly as a way to instant riches with rapid price gains only reinforcing this view. An alternative view is that it is just another in a long string of bubbles in investment markets.

Nobel Economics Laureates Daniel Kahneman, Robert Shiller and Richard Thaler and many others shown that investors and hence investment markets can be far from rational and this along with crowd psychology can drive asset prices far from fundamentally justified levels. This note provides a refresher on the psychology of investing before returning to look at bitcoin.

There's a lot of debate in the superannuation industry about what constitutes an 'adequate' contribution rate.

Are you planning to boost your retirement income by doing some part-time work once you eventually retire? Perhaps you have included the expectation of some paid work in your calculations about how much you need to finance your retirement.

Monday, 20 November 2017 11:12

If only I had a second chance

No matter our age, most of us would probably look back on some aspects of our lives and say to ourselves: "If only I could do that again; if only I had a second chance".

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